Youtube views cheat

Most often, young channels try to wind up views on YouTube. YouTube creates a huge amount of content every day and it’s hard to get on top. In order for the video to be noticed, you have to resort to tricks.

YouTube takes into account many factors for ranking: the length of the video, its relevance to the query, the number and depth of views, the number of likes, dislikes, subscribers, channel age. Moreover, the totality of actions of one user (view-like-comment) is valued much higher than different reactions of different people.

If you do a cheat, then as a one-time action to attract the attention of real users. Below we will talk about the main services where you can cheat or buy real views, and then we will look at how to do it correctly and with minimal risks of sanctions.

Why do you need a wrapper

If a video is watched by many users immediately after publication, the platform automatically promotes it by posting it in Trends. When a video hits the top, the growth of channel subscribers grows exponentially — that’s why even large bloggers use views on Youtube.
In addition, when searching for videos on YouTube, the videos that have been viewed by the most users appear first in the list.
Due to the high competition, it is not so easy to attract the attention of the audience.

Every beginner who takes his first steps in video blogging faces this. One of the most effective ways to make yourself known is to buy views on YouTube using specialized services.
Consider the most popular, and determine the best site for cheating views on Youtube, which you can safely use to promote your channel.